Brown japonica rice – Nutritious rice for your health

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Nowadays, many people prefer brown and whole grain rice with the belief that they can improve their overall health. Brown japonica, likewise, is now adored by many consumers owing to its health benefits.

Brown japonica rice: An overview

Brown japonica rice is a type of japonica rice variety. Japonica rice is a high-quality delicacy originating from Central China. This type of rice is believed to be first cultivated approximately 6000 to 9500 years ago along the Yangtze River basin. Throughout history, Japonica rice cultivation spread to many East Asia countries like Japan, Korea, Vietnam and became one of the two major domestic types of Asian rice varieties. In Japan, Japonica rice is so popular that the word Japonica is used to mention medium-quality rice. 


Brown japonica rice

Along with the growing health concern, many people change their carb intake from white japonica rice to brown japonica rice. Brown japonica rice, like other whole grain rice, has an intact bran layer that was not removed during the milling process. This bran layer is believed to contain many vital nutrients to the human body. In addition, brown japonica rice has unique features that appeal to the vast majority of consumers.

Shape: Brown japonica rice is round, medium grain which is usually 5.1mm in length.

Color: Brown japonica, as its name implies, has the light brown color of the intact bran layer.

Aroma: Brown japonica rice has the delightful and appetizing fragrance 

Taste: Brown japonica rice is stickier than other rice varieties owing to the higher content of amylopectin. In addition, brown japonica rice has the special taste of the bran layer.


Unique features of brown japonica rice

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Brown japonica rice: Nutrition facts

The major factor contributing to the prestige of brown japonica rice is the rich nutrient content that this type of rice has. 

Each 1 cup of brown japonica rice contains: 


Brown japonica rice: Nutritions

Compared to white japonica rice, brown japonica rice contains less carbohydrate and more fiber. Each cup of white japonica rice contains 53g carbohydrates and 0,7g fiber while each cup of brown japonica rice contains only 33g carbohydrates and 3g fiber.

Brown japonica rice: Health benefits

In general, japonica rice health benefits are impressive. Containing a great source of nutrients, brown japonica rice has so many health benefits.

Improve digestive system

The high level of fiber in brown japonica rice is linked to a better digestive system. The fiber helps regulate bowel movement, thus making the process of digestion smoother. Researchers also indicated that the bran layer outside the brown japonica rice can slow the emptying. In addition, fiber contents can also relieve unwanted conditions like constipation and colitis.


Improve digestive system

Help reduce obesity 

Many people nowadays, especially people with difficulty in weight control, are consuming brown japonica rice as a carbohydrate intake. Many studies revealed that whole grain rice like brown japonica rice can help reduce body mass index and fat. The brown japonica rice enhances the activity of glutathione peroxidase, an antioxidant enzyme that can elevate the levels of good cholesterol in the human body. In addition, the high fiber content in brown japonica can help control the appetite, hence reducing the calories intake.


Help reduce obesity

Manage diabetes

People coping with diabetes are advised to eat brown japonica rice. Brown japonica rice has a low glycemic index that helps reduce insulin surges and stabilizes blood sugar levels in the human body. Dietitians have also shown that brown japonica rice is rich in phytic acid, and essential polyphenols. This is a complex carbohydrate that can slow the release of sugar in the human body.


Manage diabetes

Brown japonica rice: Famous brand names

These are some brown japonica rice brands that we recommend. 

The process of rice for export at K-Agriculture company

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Tan Thanh An brown japonica rice

Tan Thanh An Co. Ltd. was founded in 2004 as a Vietnamese agricultural product supplier, specializing in exporting rice, especially brown japonica rice. The company exports a wide variety of Vietnamese rice such as Vietnamese aromatic rice (KDM, OM4900), sticky rice The company’s products are now consumed in Asian nations such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, African and European nations. 


Tan Thanh An brown japonica rice

Kaze brown japonica rice

Kaze Rice is a supplier of brown japonica rice from Indonesia. Their brown japonica rice is planted and harvested by trained Indonesian farmers. Their products are internationally certified to ensure their freshness and quality. The company focuses on building a community of modern farmers, who are enthusiastic about rice.


Kaze brown japonica rice

Takumi brown japonica rice

Takumi is another brown japonica rice supplier from Vietnam. Takumi brown japonica rice is grown in the most famous rice cultivation areas in Vietnam. With its full aroma, refreshing and chewy texture, and certified as NON-GMO & GlUTEN FREE, brown japonica from Takumi is perfect for your healthier choice.


Takumi brown japonica rice

In conclusion, brown japonica rice is the best choice for people who want to enjoy the delicious taste of rice and gain health benefits from it. To purchase high-quality products, contact K-Agriculture Factory via:



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