Broken cinnamon in bulk: 3 reasons why importers should choose it

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Broken cinnamon is one of the most used types of cinnamon in South Asia, along with split cinnamon and stick cinnamon. This type is often rated as poor quality, but why is it used so much? Is that assessment true or not? As a leading supplier of broken cinnamon in bulk from Vietnam, K-Agriculture Factory will help you answer the above question and reveal to you 3 reasons why you should import it!

Broken cinnamon in bulk: How is broken cinnamon made?

Broken cinnamon is the part of cinnamon bark that is broken into small pieces during the production and transportation process. In addition, some cinnamon barks when peeled will break down naturally, then also forming broken cinnamon. To avoid waste, people have collected them and removed impurities to sell to the market.


Broken cinnamon

Therefore, broken cinnamon has an unequal size with a length of 5 – 8 cm and a less eye-catching appearance. Besides, broken cinnamon is usually slightly inferior in quality to other types of cinnamon, as shown in the lower content of essential oils. However, broken cinnamon is convenient to use in family cooking because we can easily determine the dose to use.


Broken pieces of cinnamon from K-Agriculture Factory

Broken cinnamon can meet the demand all year round because of the large quantity and variety of sizes. Therefore, you can be assured when importing broken cinnamon in bulk as the supply of this spice in the market is quite large. It is an indispensable spice in Indian cuisine as well as the main ingredient in the production of cinnamon powder in Yen Bai – the most famous cinnamon-growing region in Vietnam.

3 reasons why importers should buy broken cinnamon in bulk

Many buyers believe that this type of cinnamon has bad quality. Therefore, when importing broken bulk broken cinnamon, it will be difficult for them to sell that in their markets. However, is that really the case?

Trading broken cinnamon is very potential

Trading wholesale broken cinnamon has great potential in the South Asian market, especially in India – the largest consumer of cinnamon in the world. Broken cinnamon is very popular in this country because it is cheap and easy to use on the spot.


Broken cinnamon in bulk

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for spices in the world, including cinnamon. There has also been a significant rise in the adoption of cinnamon in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. This type of cinnamon is cheap, but the essential oil content can still be very high, suitable for grinding into powder or extracting essential oils. Therefore, instead of having to buy cinnamon sticks, cinnamon tubes, or cinnamon cigarettes for at least $1000/mt more expensive, manufacturers can buy broken cinnamon in bulk to make other products that are both cost-effective, while maintaining quality.


Cinnamon oil

In the market, the supply of cinnamon is always lower than its demand, leading to an increasing trend in the price of cinnamon. If you are intending to import cinnamon, then broken cinnamon is a very good choice. Do not worry that importing broken cinnamon in bulk will be difficult to sell as this product is very potential.

Broken cinnamon still has an outstanding quality, even premium

During the production process, people collect broken cinnamon from split cinnamon, cinnamon branches, or from the production of cinnamon sticks, etc. Contrary to popular belief that broken cinnamon is of poor quality, broken pieces collected from grade A or grade B tube cinnamon still have very high oil content and extremely strong flavor. Broken cinnamon is only of poor quality when it is too crumbly, too small, or only the cinnamon bark with no flavor remains, with fungus, etc.


Broken cinnamon quality usually depends on the quality of the original uncut cinnamon bark. So, if it is collected from premium bark, it will also be considered premium quality. All its specifications are still extremely good, suitable for the needs of family use or the cinnamon food processing industry. Because of its crumbly, small, and compact nature, this type of cinnamon is easy to pack and transport.

Broken cinnamon is the cheapest type of cinnamon on the market

As it is often said to be of inferior quality compared to other types of cinnamon, broken cinnamon is usually sold at a relatively low price and sold in bulk.


Broken cinnamon is usually sold at a relatively low price

Compared to cinnamon sticks, cinnamon cigarettes, or cinnamon tubes, normal-quality broken cinnamon is usually only half as cheap. However, with higher-grade broken cinnamon such as KABC or KBBC, the price will be about $1000/mt lower than cinnamon sticks, cigarette cinnamon, and tube cinnamon. Below is the table of specifications and prices of cinnamon from K-Agriculture Factory – the cheapest cinnamon supplier in Vietnam:

Cinnamon type Normal-quality broken type (4% oil) Broken 3% oil KABC Broken 4% oil KABC Broken 5% oil KABC Tube 4% oil Cigarette 3 – 4% oil Split 3% oil 
FOB Hai Phong Port 22xx USD/MT 28xx USD/MT 35xx USD/MT 41xx USD/MT 34xx USD/MT 52xx USD/MT 29xx USD/MT

Looking at the table above, you can easily see how advantageous it is to import broken cinnamon in bulk. Cinnamon cigarettes with an essential oil content of 3 – 4% cost from 52xx $/mt, but broken cinnamon with 4% essential oil content is only priced at about 22xx – 35xx $/mt, and broken cinnamon with a refined content of 5% oil costs only 41xx $/mt. Thus, with the same quality, importing broken cinnamon will help save more money than importing cinnamon sticks, cigarettes, or tubes.

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Some broken pieces of cinnamon in K-Agriculture Factory

The higher the essential oil content, the more expensive the price of broken cinnamon. Despite being cheap, broken cinnamon still has excellent quality and brings many health benefits that are no less than the benefits of cinnamon sticks or cinnamon tubes.

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Note when importing broken cinnamon in bulk: Be careful with fake cinnamon

When importing broken cinnamon in bulk, be careful with fake cinnamon, aka “forest cinnamon”. Some of the unreliable suppliers may mix forest cinnamon and real cinnamon together to reduce costs. So, when you ask the price of a supplier and find their price is too cheap, do not rush to get excited but learn carefully.

Identify fake cinnamon with these tips:

Forest cinnamon has the same appearance as real cinnamon, except that the outer bark may be a little darker and more reddish brown. It has no taste at all, not spicy and not sweet, sometimes even bitter and very acrid. When you buy broken cinnamon, it is even easier for suppliers to mix fake cinnamon into your goods, because they are all broken ones, so it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Besides, as you import broken cinnamon in bulk, you cannot check all the boxes of products. So, when you buy broken cinnamon to grind into cinnamon powder, these 2 types of real and fake cinnamon will blend together, making it even more impossible to notice the difference.

Where is the best place to buy broken cinnamon in bulk?

If you are looking for a reputable supplier of broken cinnamon in bulk, then China and Vietnam are the two high-quality sources that you should not miss.

China: One of the largest suppliers of bulk broken cinnamon

Currently, China is the second largest cinnamon supplier in the world. The price of cinnamon in this country is extremely cheap, but the quality is often not appreciated. However, if you prioritize price over quality, then China is definitely the best choice if you want to import broken cinnamon in bulk.


Some famous Chinese cinnamon suppliers are Ahcof, Guangxi Innov, Yulin Huaran Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Zhaoqing Homeborn Trading Co., Ltd, Wuzhou Jufeng Trading Co., Ltd, etc.

Vietnam: Place to buy broken cinnamon in bulk with the best quality

Unlike Chinese cinnamon, Vietnamese cinnamon costs a little more but is considered the best quality in the world. In fact, Vietnamese cinnamon has a higher essential oil content than Chinese cinnamon by 1 – 2%. Therefore, its taste is also much more spicy and fragrant. If you have a need to import broken cinnamon in bulk to extract essential oils, Vietnamese cinnamon is the best choice.


K-Agriculture’s staff checking the quality of broken cinnamon

Some of the major suppliers of broken cinnamon in bulk in Vietnam are K-Agriculture Factory, Visimex, Vilaconic, Phalco, Hanfimex, Prosi Thang Long, etc. Among them, K-Agriculture Factory is a wholesale Vietnamese broken cinnamon with more than 25 years of establishment and development. We offer you the best prices on the market and commit to bringing cinnamon products with the best quality, 100% cinnamon standard from Yen Bai, Vietnam.


K-Agriculture’s cinnamon factory

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