Must-know facts about Vietnamese broken cinnamon

Rate the blog hereVietnamese broken cinnamon is a scrap from cinnamon product that is typically processed again to generate cinnamon powder for sale in retail markets or by food manufacturers;...

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What is Saigon cinnamon? – Top 6 most popular questions and answers

Rate the blog hereWhat is Saigon cinnamon? This is a very common question that we receive from both our readers and customers. Usually, you may hear quite a lot about Cassia or Ceylon...

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Cinnamon quality standards: How can you tell cinnamon quality?

Rate the blog hereCurrently, cinnamon is one of the most commonly-used spices in the world. Activities of trading and exchanging cinnamon between countries are becoming more and more...

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Vietnam cinnamon production: The most complete information

Rate the blog hereThe quality of Vietnam’s cinnamon has conquered the most demanding market, the US with a huge annual import volume. What makes this spice so successful? The...

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Where to buy Cassia cinnamon? Read before you make a decision!

Rate the blog hereCinnamon has had a special relationship with the globe from ancient times. It’s a spice that was previously thought to be far more valuable than gold. Nowadays,...

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Cassia cinnamon essential oil: 5 facts to spice up your business!

Rate the blog hereSince ancient times, cinnamon has had quite a special connection with the world. It’s a seasoning that was formerly regarded as being worth much more than gold....

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Rate the blog hereCassia cinnamon oil is used popularly for many purposes in our daily life, from cooking, and cosmetics to medicine… In this article, we will find out about the...

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13 Must-know requirements of importing cinnamon sticks in bulk for the US and EU markets

Rate the blog hereTo enter difficult markets such as Europe and the US, cinnamon sticks in bulk exporters and importers must satisfy strict regulators and requirements. This article...

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