Top 5 Biggest Cinnamon Exporters And How To Work With Them


Cinnamon exporters are of great concern to foreign businesses who trade cinnamon products. However, it seems not easy to reach out to the best cinnamon exporters for a lot of reasons. This article is likely to help you not only find out cinnamon exporters of your needs but know how to effectively work with them as well.

Cinnamon Exporters – The overview

Before starting finding or working with any cinnamon exporters, you need to understand the most basic information about them from their definition, main distribution, and basic standards they must have.

Definition of cinnamon exporters

Cinnamon exporters technically are a person or a company being in charge of introducing and selling cinnamon in bulk to the international markets who are interested in buying cinnamon in large quantities to serve their own purposes.

Working with large cinnamon exporters is a big step in the work of your cinnamon trading business. It is because cinnamon is a truly safe investment owing to its long-term high economic value. More specifically, cinnamon is not only good for human and animals health but also can be stored for a long time from 2-3 years. Therefore, cooperating with cinnamon exporters most of the time brings your enterprise more and more profits.


Definition of cinnamon exporters

The main distribution of cinnamon exporters

Cinnamon exporters are primarily located in certain ASEAN countries where cinnamon is mainly grown here due to the assurance of the best cinnamon quality. According to the data from The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC) on Cinnamon Exports by Country in 2019, the top 3 cinnamon exporters in 2019 were

  • Vietnam with $175M
  • Sri Lanka with $163M
  • China with $156M

Therefore, you can find cinnamon exporters in 3 mentioned countries. They are experienced in exporting and have a stable source of cinnamon for export. In particular, Vietnam is a country with 30 years of experience in exporting cinnamon, which can be a good choice.

Basic standards of cinnamon exporters

Best cinnamon exporters should definitely meet certain requirements to be considered reliable and prestigious ones, making other enterprises count on and want to work with. Below listed the most basic standards that all cinnamon exporters need to have:

  •  Business license

Prestigious cinnamon exporters must obtain a state-recognized business license because they need to be authorized by the host state to operate. When viewing the cinnamon exporters license, notice that large and reliable cinnamon exporters usually have at least 5 years of working experience. Besides, check if they in fact have experience in exporting cinnamon, working with customs, dealing with problems on freight and payment.

  • Cinnamon exporters basic information

Reliable cinnamon exporters are often likely to show their company addresses, factories and warehouses at the very first step of customer consultation and support. It is this factor that builds a sense of trustworthy cinnamon exporters to who they are working with.

  • Certificates and awards on cinnamon

In terms of agriculture, there are a number of awards to prove the good quality of the products and cinnamon products are not an exception. Prestigious cinnamon exporters normally show certificates and awards of the cinnamon they are selling on the website.

When it comes to exported cinnamon products, the certification of organic cinnamon is very valuable. This is quite true especially to hard importing markets.

  • An abundant and high-quality source of cinnamon

Reputable cinnamon exporters should provide detailed information about the source of the cinnamon as the materials as well as its warehouse address.

Here is a small tip to check this information: you can require inspection from the cinnamon exporters of their factories, warehouses, production places through Whatapps video call.

  • Major partners

Cinnamon exporters should be open to provide you with information about the partners, especially major and long-term ones they have worked with together before.

  • In-depth knowledge of cinnamon and cinnamon export

Last but not least, cinnamon exporters must have profound knowledge on:

  • Cinnamon types and their basic characteristics

This is to meet exactly what customers are looking for because the needs of each market, each country and region in the world are different.

  • Cinnamon transport process

Products are transported to customers by cinnamon exporters in the most convenient and reasonable way, avoiding errors and risks as much as possible.

  • Cinnamon packing specifications

Because the quality of cinnamon is easily degraded when the humidity is not up to standard, cinnamon exporters need to know the packaging and preservation specifications so that the product when it reaches the importer still retains its quality as required.

Cinnamon exporters and their typical cinnamon products

There are in fact many cinnamon products coming from cinnamon exporters, however, not every product is prefered. Of all cinnamon products, cinnamon powder and cinnamon bark are regarded as the 2 worldwide major export cinnamon products.

  • Cinnamon bark

Here is how cinnamon bark from cinnamon exporters look like:

  • Cinnamon powder

Below is an image of high quality cinnamon powder coming from cinnamon exporters:

Cinnamon powder is actually made from cinnamon bark, therefore, the benefits those two products bring to people are basically the same. Nevertheless, the forms of the products are different leading to the variety of their usage.


Products of cinnamon exporters

Cinnamon exporters – effective ways to find reputable ones

There are 5 different ways to find cinnamon exporters listed below along with their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Agricultural trade fairs

Cinnamon exporters often appear at agricultural trade fairs. You can directly meet and talk with cinnamon exporters and check cinnamon quality on spot and receive face-to-face consultancy.

However, because the number of exporters participating in the fair is limited, you may miss out on many better exporters if you rush to make a decision.

  • Intermediary companies in the host country

These companies directly provide you with information about reliable cinnamon exporters and make the most suitable choices for you.

Advantage: You can be assured of the reputation of suggested cinnamon exporters and do not have to worry about facing scam cinnamon exporters.

Disadvantage: It costs you money for cinnamon exporters’ information.

  • Websites or social networks

Potential websites or social networks having information on cinnamon exporters are Google, Youtube, Facebook, Alibaba, Go4Business,…

Advantage: By this way, you can actively search and do research on potential cinnamon exporters and then make a comparison.

Disadvantage: Invalid sources of Internet information, however, are everywhere and sometimes it is not easy for you to check the reputation of those cinnamon exporters. There are potential scam cinnamon exporters on the internet.

Cinnamon exporters and the potential signs of scams

Running a business, especially ones bringing much profits as cinnamon means you have to be aware of scams from your partners. One of them might be the cinnamon exporters you are about to work with. There are in fact certain noticeable signs of scam cinnamon exporters you may not pay attention to.

  • Lack of background information

Basic information included business license and company address. You won’t find any or maybe just a little information on the scam cinnamon exporters’ websites. Moreover, their scam websites often have short lifespans or have just established.

  • Payment pushing

The mental state of scammers is that they often want to get money as quickly as possible and get away. Therefore, if you come across cinnamon exporters urging your business to make a quick payment, be careful.

  • Unbelievably low prices and many special benefits offer

Fraudulent cinnamon exporters often make attractive and sometimes unbelievable offers for the purpose of making it easier to cheat. People who are deceived are often easily attracted by the great benefits while the costs are too low.

Getting a good price in B2B business is amazing. However, the quality and the origin of cinnamon are also important, which have a lot to do with the price. Remember to be careful because there is always a possible chance of working with scam cinnamon exporters out there.

  • Lack of warehouses

Stable source of export cinnamon is crucial to B2B business. Stable source of goods is also a factor proving that cinnamon exporters have great reputation and experience. This shows that they always have a lot of orders and are able to deliver at any time.

If cinnamon exporters do not have a warehouse, they cannot prove that they could give customers the quantity of product they need along with the standard quality.

Cinnamon exporters and effective cooperating steps

After finding the suitable cinnamon exporters, you should work with them in the following suggested steps.

  • Step 1. Ask for detail information on cinnamon from cinnamon exporters

In this first step, you can check the cinnamon exporter’s understanding of cinnamon. You can get more information about their cinnamon products as well as check the quality of cinnamon exporters.

  • Step 2. Negotiate the price with cinnamon exporters

Before negotiating the price, you need to ask cinnamon exporters if their current price is for the raw cinnamon or if the price includes shipping fees, packaging fees, labor costs and delivery.

Once you have complete information about the costs associated with cinnamon, you can negotiate the price. Here is a small but useful tip: you can initially offer 15-20% lower price, then negotiate to get the best price.

  • Step 3. Receive samples from cinnamon exporters

You should ask cinnamon exporters to send a sample batch to check the quality of cinnamon.

  • Step 4. Sign contract with cinnamon exporters

Contract is an indispensable document in the delivery of goods. Therefore, you need to carefully check the terms of the contract before signing to avoid disputes later.

  • Step 5. Payment with cinnamon exporters

Depending on the quantity of cinnamon you order, cinnamon exporters will offer an appropriate payment method. However, you should not pay the total value of the order at one time. You should divide it into 2 installments: before and after receiving the goods. This helps ensure that the cinnamon products when delivered to your place have the quality as agreed in the contract.

  • Step 6. Receive and check the products

After cinnamon is delivered to the place, you need to carefully check if it meets the requirements and quality as when you negotiated and signed the contract.

If not, you need to contact cinnamon exporters as soon as possible so that the two sides can agree on how to handle it.

  • Step 7. Give feedback to cinnamon exporters

Do not forget to give comments and advice to the cinnamon exporters so that they can improve their services the next time you two cooperate.

Top 5 cinnamon exporters

This section provides the most basic information about cinnamon exporters’ names as well as their contact information.

K-Agriculture from Vietnam

Established in 1996, K- agriculture is proud to be one of the leading cinnamon suppliers in Vietnam with the direct support of the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade. The cinnamon exporter has an impressive motto: Quality is King. With a 25-year history of delivering Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, we know your market clearly and support you with our best effort. Being a giant in trading cinnamon products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest broken cinnamon, split cinnamon and cinnamon stick exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.


K-Agriculture is based in Vietnam


Samples: Send via Express (DHL, VPS, FedEx,..)

Order: By Air or By Sea based on INCOTERM 2010

Phone: +84855 555 837 (Whatsapp Available)


Virgin Cinnamon from Sri Lanka

This is one of the reliable cinnamon exporters based in Sri Lanka. The company possesses qualified and experienced managers having experience in the field of export for years.


Vietlife from Vietnam

The mission of Vietlife – one of the reliable cinnamon exporters from Vietnam is:

  • Provide innovative, high value, and stable quality products,
  • Listen, understand and create trust and prestige in customers and partners
  • Be fast, dedicated, and thoughtful in service


Order: Support Express · Sea freight · Land freight · Airfreight

Jining Sunagro Trade from China

The safety program of the company – one of the prestigious Chinese cinnamon exporters is based on Global Gap certified by SGS, ETI, GRASP.

KPRO Production Joint Stock Company from Vietnam

Also, one of the largest cinnamon exporters that put the quality of products as the first priority, the company affirms that customers will be satisfied when working with them.


Cinnamon exporters and other important things to consider

In 2019, cinnamon was at the top of the world’s most traded products, with a total trade of $748M. Here is some additional information for exporting and importing cinnamon on tariff and preservation you need to ask the cinnamon exporters your business is working with

Cinnamon was at the top of the world’s most traded products

  • Tariffs

The average tariff for Cinnamon was 9.9%

– The countries with the highest cinnamon import tariffs for Cinnamon are Cyprus at 42%, Jamaica at 40% , Trinidad and Tobago at 37.8%

– The countries with the lowest cinnamon tariffs are at 0% including South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, Maldives, and Singapore.

  • Preservation

Cinnamon stored in warehouses can keep its quality from 2 – 3 years.

(Sealed in dry, cold, waterproof & ventilated conditions)

Please contact us for price and further consultation.

WhatsApp: +84855555837 (Ms Kris)



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