Basmati Rice Wholesale: 5 Things You Must Know Before Investing

Basmati rice is well-known in West Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and Nepal. So, what is the current state of the wholesale basmati rice market? What is the potential of wholesale basmati rice? Which wholesale basmati rice varieties are most popular?

Basmati Rice Wholesale Overview

Basmati is a type of rice familiar to West- Asia countries, especially in India. With unique characteristics: long-grain rice, delicate aroma, basmati rice is currently one of the potential wholesale industries. 


Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice Wholesale Types

Basmati rice is the type of rice listed as aromatic rice. With its long, slender shape and delicate scent, basmati rice is commonly originated in India and Pakistan. Mainly the rice tradition of West-Asia, basmati rice is very popular because of the softness, suppleness, and sweetness of the rice after cooking.

With different characteristics, Indian basmati rice and Pakistani basmati rice will have a price difference of about 1150 USD/metric ton and 790 USD/metric ton, respectively. The reason for this disparity is the weather, policy, tariffs, stocking, and the quality reputation of the product.

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Basmati Rice Wholesale Price

According to the FAO, the basmati wholesale price in India as of August 2021 was 1125.0 USD/MT, down 4.3% from the wholesale price in 2020 and unchanged for four months from April 2021 to August 2021. 

Compared to the same period in August 2021, the wholesale price of jasmine rice is 500-700 USD/metric ton, 300-500 USD/metric ton cheaper than basmati rice.

This represents the price stability of the India basmati rice wholesale market. 

Meanwhile, the basmati rice wholesale price in Pakistan changed significantly in the fourth quarter of 2021 and compared to the basmati rice wholesale price in 2020. Basmati rice price in 2021 is 25.0% lower than in 2020, with the highest price being 841.5. USD/MT in June 2021 and as low as 735.0 USD/MT in August 2021.

Basmati Rice Wholesale Supply Sources

Currently, the main exporting countries of basmati rice wholesale are India, Pakistan, Indonesia with quite large economic potential.


The main exporting countries of basmati rice wholesale are India, Pakistan, Indonesia

As of 2019, India accounted for 65 percent of the global basmati rice trade, with Pakistan accounting for the remaining 35 percent.

With favorable locations and climates for basmati rice wholesale cultivation, these countries are trying to develop export production for higher value efficiency.

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Basmati Rice Wholesale Leading Suppliers

One of the main focus countries to develop basmati rice wholesale as a potential economic sector are Asian countries. Basmati rice wholesale distribution areas include distribution countries in the raw material area and distribution countries not in the raw material areas.  

Basmati wholesale could either be supplied from raw material or intermediate countries. 


One of the main focus countries to develop basmati rice wholesale as a potential economic sector are Asian countries

Basmati Rice Wholesale Major Suppliers 

The two countries that distribute basmati rice wholesale in the raw material area are India and Pakistan.

Because India is the world’s largest wholesale basmati rice exporter and productivity because it is a direct producer of basmati rice, the wholesale price of basmati rice will be much lower than that of other countries.

  • Large cultivation area: 45.6 million ha with an average yield of 2.17 tons/ha in the 2008-2009 crop year.
  • Productivity: basmati rice exports at 4 million tons in the past 3 years
  • Policies: The Government of India has an export promotion agency APEDA. 

India is the world’s largest wholesale basmati rice exporter and productivity

Although the output and value of basmati rice have been on a downward trend for the past few years, however, with the above visual data, India is the leading country in rice production and export basmati and increasingly aiming to develop the worldwide basmati market. 

Basmati Rice Wholesale Intermediate Suppliers 

The countries that distribute and export wholesale basmati rice as an intermediary, although not directly producing, still enjoy a lot economically, including the Philippines, Nepal,…

A special point is that because they are intermediate countries, most of the basmati rice wholesale prices will be very high at least 30% compared to the prices in countries in the raw material area.

However, the reason intermediaries still exist and are loved by some wholesalers is for the following reasons: trademark, added value, stocking, trade, policy, tax, logistics…


The reason intermediaries still exist and are loved by some wholesalers is for the following reasons

How to Find Basmati Rice Wholesale Factories?

There are many traders who want to import basmati rice wholesale for sale but do not know how to find the best and most reputable rice wholesalers. Here are ways to choose a good high-quality rice mill at the best wholesale price.

How to Find Basmati Rice Wholesale Factories

  • Step 1: To find a good wholesaler, you must first understand the basmati rice wholesale product you need to buy. 
  • Step 2: Once you have enough product knowledge, you will go online to search for reputable basmati rice wholesale suppliers to find out which manufacturer is right for you.
  • Step 3: After researching suitable factories for basmati rice wholesale, you will select the 3 best suppliers to contact a representative and inquire about necessary product requirements.
  • Step 4: After you have successfully contacted and discussed with the representative about the basmati rice wholesale product, you will place an order.
  • Step 5: After the order is fully paid and produced in sufficient quantity,  basmati rice wholesale will be delivered within 12-14 days depending on the time and location.

How to Find Basmati Rice Wholesale Factories

⇨ Usually, after ordering basmati rice wholesale, you will have to have a specific strategic plan for your business.

However, if your business plan is not really working, you can contact the factory representatives for planning advice. (this is a privilege only some factories have)

Factors Affecting Basmati Rice In Bulk Supply Source

When it comes to exporting rice, it is necessary to mention the source – where to produce and cultivate basmati rice wholesale.

There are many factors that affect the supply, below are 4 main factors affecting the volatility of basmati rice wholesale supply.


Factors that affect the supply

Material Area Factors Affects Basmati Rice Wholesale Productivity

When it comes to supply, we must refer to countries that produce basmati rice wholesale in the raw material area.

In countries like India and Pakistan, if the supply is stable that year, then the export output will be stable. However, if the supply is scarce that year, then the export volume will be less accompanied by an increase in the price of basmati rice wholesale.

Logistics Factors Affects Basmati Rice Wholesale Supply Source

Shipping is one of the key factors in the basmati rice wholesale supply.

For countries with difficult transportation, without much equipment for export, rice exports will also be affected.

Especially in the current pandemic, accompanied by strict regulations on food hygiene and safety, most countries are facing difficult logistics problems.

Weather Factors Affects Basmati Rice Wholesale Supply Source 

Weather is one of the main factors affecting basmati rice wholesale supplies.

The weather in the rice-producing country that year is not favorable, with many natural disasters, floods, or droughts, the rice output will be very small, creating scarcity for the market, pushing up the price of rice.

However, if the weather during the farming season is stable and favorable, the export volume will increase, creating favorable conditions for basmati rice wholesalers.

Policy Affects Basmati Rice Wholesale Supply Source 

One of the factors that play an equally important role in the wholesale supply of basmati rice is the political factor.

The politics of a country greatly affects that country and invisibly affects the cultivation, production, and output of wholesale basmati rice.

A country with political instability will certainly reduce rice production from 20% to 60% depending on the severity. 

Along with that, with the scarcity of rice for export, the basmati rice wholesale price will increase sharply along with tight terms on contracts and documents.

Top 5 Basmati Rice Factories Wholesale With High Quality At Best Price

Most when starting to wholesale basmati rice wholesale, traders will want to find themselves factories that produce quality rice at a reasonable wholesale price.

Here are the top 5 basmati rice wholesale suppliers.


Since 1980, VILACONIC has been the largest manufacturer and supplier of high-quality agricultural products from Vietnam and around the world. After 33 years in business, the company has consistently affirmed its brand position in the market and customer trust. Currently, the company’s products are exported to many countries and regions, and it has a large distribution network in the country.


With more than 25 years of experience in the agricultural product industry, with the goal of exporting Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, K-agriculture is now one of the leading rice factories with modern quality leading in the industry. rice milling technology.

With premium-quality basmati rice wholesale and reasonable wholesale prices, K-agriculture is the ideal choice for rice traders.



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Daawat Basmati Rice

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Sahar Enterprises

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Ms. Chloe – K-Agriculture Sale Manager 

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