What is Saigon cinnamon? – Top 6 most popular questions and answers

 What is Saigon cinnamon? This is a very common question that we receive from both our readers and customers. Usually, you may hear quite a lot about Cassia or Ceylon cinnamon,...

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Autumn star anise

Autumn star anise Autumn star anise is harvested at the beginning of the rainy season, from June to October every year. Its pods bloom beautifully and evenly with a diameter of about...

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Top 5 rice manufacturer in Vietnam

 If you choose the wrong rice manufacturer in Vietnam to work with, you will face a very large loss that can damage not your time, and money but your reputation and the belief...

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The benefits of black pepper? – 10 things you must pay attention to!

 Often referred to as “black gold”, black pepper is one of the most important and widely used spices in the world with many different uses. The benefits of black pepper are...

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Rice production in Vietnam has continuously increased over years

 In 1989, Vietnam exported rice for the first time, ending the period of rice shortage and turning to export. Over 30 years (1989-2021), up to now, rice production in Vietnam has...

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Vietnam pepper export and all updated trends you can not miss

 With long roots, Vietnam’s pepper export has gradually become famous around the world for its large production and good quality and has become one of Vietnam’s key...

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3 Simple ways to detect fake star anise you may not know

 Well-known for its strong and natural flavor, star anise is considered a special spice – a must-have spice in our kitchen. But because of its high economic value, there...

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 Cassia cinnamon oil is used popularly for many purposes in our daily life, from cooking, and cosmetics to medicine… In this article, we will find out about the features,...

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