Are Broken Cinnamon Sticks Worth Being Imported?


The cinnamon tree has a long growing and growing process from 7 to 10 years when the cinnamon will be old enough to exploit; the cinnamon bark is then carefully peeled off the trunk, and the next stages require experience and a love for cinnamon to make the best products. According to specific requirements, cinnamon makers will have different products, according to each user’s requirements and ability to pay. The three best-selling products are cinnamon sticks, split cinnamon, and broken cinnamon sticks. This article will delve into broken cinnamon sticks, a cinnamon product that has always been popular in the spice market.

What are broken cinnamon sticks?

The cinnamon tree’s components, including broken cinnamon sticks, are used to their full potential. Cinnamon is not only a well-known spice, but it is also a valuable medicinal herb in nature. Today, many individuals and businesses have exploited and processed many cinnamon-based products, resulting in high economic efficiency. Broken cinnamon sticks are used in raw form or to make essential oils, extract liquids, and so on. Typically, cinnamon bark and cinnamon branches are harvested and processed into a variety of products to meet a variety of needs. Cinnamon is a part of cinnamon bark that is broken into many small pieces that are uneven in size during production and transportation, or the cinnamon branch when peeled has only small pieces that are broken up. To avoid waste, people have collected broken cinnamon sticks and removed impurities to sell at the market.


Broken cinnamon sticks have a natural color and a characteristic aroma.
Because of its crumbly, small, and compact nature, it is easy to pack and transport.

Broken cinnamon sticks specification

Broken cinnamon sticks have the lowest essential oil content of 1%-3% and are used to make cinnamon powder or oil extraction. The price of broken cinnamon sticks is determined by their oil content. Broken cinnamon sticks are classified into two types:

KABC broken cinnamon sticks

KABC is made from cigarette cinnamon that has been broken up. The outer layer has been peeled, and the oil content has increased (by about 2.5-4%).

KBBC broken cinnamon sticks

KBBC is made from split cinnamon that has been broken up. The outer layer is not peeled, and the oil content is 1-2.5% lower than KABC.


KABC will be more expensive than KBBC, by around 1000 USD per tonne.

Broken cinnamon sticks: fake and real

Today’s broken cinnamon sticks products, designs, and quality are extremely diverse. You can buy cheap broken cinnamon sticks or low-quality broken cinnamon sticks, among other cinnamon products, but beware of the difference between the real and the fake. Have you ever heard of “Cinnamon Forest”? Wild broken cinnamon sticks are not Cassia cinnamons or Ceylon cinnamons, but it has a similar appearance. Some vendors mix it with real cassia to lower the price and offer it to buyers at a really low, appealing price. Customers rarely notice this because the mixing ratio is typically in the 5%-10% range. The flavor of forest cinnamon is bitter, with an aroma similar to that of a tea tree. So beware of extremely low prices.

How to produce broken cinnamon sticks

As mentioned above, in the process of transportation and production, a part of the cinnamon bark is broken into many small pieces, or the branch of cinnamon when peeled is only small pieces, easy to crumble; farmers have collected and removed impurities to get broken cinnamon sticks. Because of their crumbly, small, and compact nature, broken cinnamon sticks are easy to pack and transport. Annual supply ranges from 100 to 500 tons. It can be packed in bags or cartons, depending on the customers’ requirements.

Uses of broken cinnamon sticks

Manufacturing in bulk cinnamon powder from broken cinnamon sticks

For bulk importers, they usually use broken cinnamon sticks to grind into cinnamon powder, which is the one that we often consume. The broken cinnamon sticks (cassia KABC) are completely clean, with no metal, stone, or cigarette residue. Furthermore, the product is sorted twice. The broken cinnamon sticks Cassia is first screened by a machine to remove foreign matter. The second step involves five highly skilled workers spending hours extracting tiny admixtures from broken cinnamon sticks (cassia KABC).

You can make your own cinnamon powder at home from broken cinnamon sticks. Because broken cinnamon sticks are broken into pieces, compact, and easy to pack and transport, they are very easy to process. The sweet aroma and warm taste of broken cinnamon sticks make them very unique spices for cooking or baking. Broken cinnamon sticks contain many powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenols. Broken cinnamon sticks help the body fight infections and repair tissue damage. You can use cinnamon powder in baking, in soups, and even in teas.

It can also help you lose weight. Weight loss is defined as the loss of total body mass due to loss of fluid, body fat, adipose tissue, or lean mass. Just grind the cleaned and drained cinnamon with brown sugar (depending on your taste) and you have a wonderful spice for your kitchen.

Tips to use broken cinnamon sticks in daily life

Surely we all know the wonderful uses of cinnamon in cooking as well as for health. But usually, people will always choose types of cinnamon with beautiful shapes and high essential oil content, such as a cinnamon stick or cinnamon stick. However, if you have limited economic needs or the requirements for the above factors are not high, then broken cinnamon sticks are a great suggestion. Let’s find out below how broken cinnamon sticks have great uses in addition to those mentioned above.

To begin, broken cinnamon sticks are frequently used to cook steamed water. Broken cinnamon sticks are commonly used in traditional medicine to prepare steam baths to help circulate blood, create a sense of comfort, and provide good sedation.

Second, broken cinnamon sticks were once used as a floor cleaner in the kitchen. This application may be novel to us, but it works extremely well. When used to clean the house, the characteristic mild aroma of cinnamon will create a pleasant scent, calm the mind, and kill bacteria.

Third, broken cinnamon sticks are used as a raw material in the production of dishwashing liquid, along with soapberries. When combined with soapberry fruit, it produces a completely natural, non-toxic dishwashing liquid that cleans and disinfects dishes while retaining a natural mild fragrance.

It is too familiar to everyone when compared to the cinnamon bark or cinnamon essential oil used in the market as a seasoning, cinnamon tea, cinnamon incense, cinnamon soap, and so on. However, it appears that the above applications for broken cinnamon sticks are relatively unknown. So, now that you know the many benefits of broken cinnamon sticks, don’t be afraid to try them for yourself. Broken cinnamon sticks are a completely natural raw product that does not require any special treatment, is safe, and is reasonably priced. To ensure the broken cinnamon sticks quality, store broken cinnamon sticks in a cool, clean place away from direct sunlight.

Leading countries exporting broken cinnamon sticks

Do you want to find a reputable source of broken cinnamon sticks? Don’t miss the following 3 countries.

Vietnam as a top country exporting broken cinnamon sticks

According to the World Spices Association, Vietnam ranks third in broken cinnamon sticks production. Broken cinnamon sticks are widely consumed in India, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, the United States, and Europe, with annual export revenue of approximately $400 million USD. Vietnam cinnamon is the main ingredient in the production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in countries with developed processing industries. Despite the fact that the export turnover of cinnamon and anise products is relatively small in comparison to other wood products, with over 200,000 hectares of cinnamon and star anise forest, it is currently a sustainable livelihood for over 200,000 ethnic minority households in remote and remote provinces.

China as the largest broken cinnamon sticks growing area in the world

China is also one of the leading countries in the export of cinnamon and broken cinnamon sticks. However, the quality of China’s cinnamon is often lower than that of Vietnamese broken cinnamon export, leading to a cheaper price. Chinese cinnamon and broken cinnamon sticks are usually shorter and have a brighter, more yellow color than Vietnamese cinnamon, which is because Chinese cinnamon has been matched or shot with sulfur when it is still moist to keep its bright color.


Indonesia broken cinnamon sticks have good quality

Indonesia, along with Vietnam and China, ranks third in terms of broken cinnamon sticks export volume. 12 of the world’s 54 cinnamon species have been recorded in Indonesia; however, the majority of broken cinnamon sticks from Indonesia are Cassia species. Indonesian broken cinnamon sticks have a rich flavor when compared to other types of cinnamon. Indonesian broken cinnamon sticks are best described as crunchy and delicately sweet, with nuances of spice and a hint of sourness.

Top supplier of broken cinnamon sticks

K-Agriculture from Vietnam

K-Agriture Company is confident in being one of the leading suppliers of producing and exporting cinnamon, specifically cinnamon chips. We carry out our mission to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, always ensuring the absolute quality of broken cinnamon sticks at extremely reasonable prices. Broken cinnamon sticks are one of the proud agricultural products of Vietnam in general and of K-Agriculture in particular. If you’re looking for a broken cinnamon sticks supplier, then you know where to buy high-quality cinnamon. Being a giant in trading cinnamon products internationally in Vietnam – the biggest broken cinnamon, split cinnamon and cinnamon stick exporter since 1996, K-agriculture is proud to bring buyers broken cinnamon with uniform quality standards and affordable prices.

Price list of broken cinnamon sticks.

Type of broken cinnamon sticks Specification Price (USD/mt)
Broken KABC thickness: 1-4cm 3xxx USD/mt
Broken KBBC thickness: 1-4 cm

moisture: 13,5 max

2xxx USD/mt

K-Agriculture is a loyal vendor of thousands of B2B partners all over the world.

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Agrim company from Indonesia

AGRIM currently purchases, processes, trades, and supplies a variety of agricultural commodities. Over time, we have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in regional products, which has aided the company in developing an international customer base. AGRIM operates in Singapore, Indonesia, and India. Currently, AGRIM is Indonesia’s largest exporter of spices, primarily Cassia cinnamon from North Sumatera, as well as other spices from Medan and Surabaya. You can easily find quality broken cinnamon sticks from this supplier

Qingdao Tai Foong Fodds Co., Ltd from China

After more than ten years of experience and development, Qingdao Tai Foong Fodds Co., Ltd has evolved into a professional manufacturer and supplier with strategic sourcing, quality assurance, and supply chain management capabilities. They specialize in spices, chili, and paprika, broken cinnamon sticks in various varieties, and they have exported their products to over 20 countries, including Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Israel, Ukraine, the United States, Mexico, Tunisia, and South Africa.

In conclusion, this article provides you with the information you need to know about broken cinnamon sticks. Hope you find this article useful. Please leave a comment for further explanation from experts from K-agriculture which is one of the biggest factories in agriculture in Vietnam!

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