Arabica Cau Dat: All Information You Need To Know About Vietnamese Arabica

Arabica Cau Dat has a unique flavor, a combination of many different sweet flavors, worthy of a coffee type grown in the red basalt soil with very supportive natural conditions.

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Things should know about Arabica Cau Dat

Arabica Cau Dat is one of Vietnam’s high-quality coffees because of its unique characteristics. 

Origin of Arabica Cau Dat

Arabica was brought to Vietnam by the French in the 30s of the last century. Lam Dong province with localities such as Di Linh, Bao Loc, Don Duong, the suburbs of Da Lat, especially Cau Dat area, which is considered the Arabica coffee paradise of Vietnam.


Origin of Arabica Cau Dat

Characteristics of Arabica Cau Dat

Cau Dat, Da Lat is a paradise for Arabica coffee plants, with an elevation of nearly 1,600 meters above sea level and a cold, foggy climate all year round. Favorable natural conditions have helped Arabica Cau Dat have very high quality and is known as the “Queen of Vietnamese coffee”, one of the most delicious Arabica coffees in the world.

  • About the moisture of coffee beans: 11.5%-12.5% is the standard humidity of Arabica Cau Dat or other high quality coffees in the world. This moisture helps coffee beans maintain full flavor, exist for a long time and are less moldy if stored properly.
  • About processing method: To enhance the sweetness of the beans, Arabica Cau Dat is prioritized to honey or washed coffee processing method.

Arabica Cau Dat processing method

  • About taste: Arabica Cau Dat has a mild sour and bitter taste with an ecstatic and elegant aroma. It is a precious gift for connoisseurs of coffee. The blended coffee has a light brown color like amber creates luxury and charm.
  • About aroma: The aroma of Arabica Cau Dat is very elegant and noble. Arabica Cau Dat has the smell of syrup, fruits, mixed with the smell of honey, toast, and the straw field at noon in the summer. Arabica Cau Dat conquers the most discerning coffee drinkers in the world. Arabica Cau Dat is also one ingredient of the most famous coffee brands in the world due to its aroma.

Varieties of Arabica Cau Dat 

Arabica Cau Dat coffee includes 4 popular varieties: Bourbon, Typica, Mocha, and Catimor. In which, Bourbon, Typica, Mocha are the first coffee varieties in the world. But they are all quite difficult to grow, weak, susceptible to attack by pests and diseases.

Catimor varieties, on the other hand, are easier to cultivate. They have good resistance to pests and diseases and give a much higher yield. Catimor is the result of a successful hybridization of the Caturra and the Timor. 


Varieties of Arabica Cau Dat

How to preserve Arabica Cau Dat

Because the coffee aroma dissipates quickly, Arabica Cau Dat should be kept in vacuum bags when unroasted and a sealed glass jar and used within one month after roasting to retain the aroma.


How to preserve Arabica Cau Dat

How to enjoy Arabica Cau Dat

Arabica Cau Dat coffee is considered one of the best coffees in the world. Arabica Cau Dat coffee is often brewed with Espresso with the Pour Over method to fully enjoy its flavor and see the amber-brown color.


How to enjoy Arabica Cau Dat

In addition, to have a thicker, smoother crema layer, drinkers can mix Arabica Cau Dat with Robusta in different ratios. The characteristics of Robusta will also help coffee have a higher caffeine ratio and be more bitter, but each Arabica-Robusta ratio will give a different coffee flavor.

Economic profitability of Arabica Cau Dat 

  • Arabica Cau Dat price

Arabica Cau Dat coffee is often twice as expensive as Robusta coffee. So, Vietnam has a great opportunity to offer Arabica Cau Dat to multinational markets because of its high pricing and strong demand.

With a reputation for being the world’s second biggest coffee export volume, Vietnamese Arabica coffee has both an opportunity and a danger. The government wants to support not only the production and growth of Arabica Cau Dat but also to meet the quality standards of demanding importing nations like the EU and the United States.


Price of Arabica coffee (Source: ICO)

  • Arabica Cau Dat specialty coffee

Arabica Cau Dat specialty coffee beans have been certified by international standards, marking a major moment in Vietnam’s coffee sector development.

According to coffee experts, if Vietnam can successfully introduce Arabica Cau Dat specialty coffee to the world market, it will be a competitive product that would aid Vietnam’s long-term economic growth.


Arabica Cau Dat specialty coffee

How to buy Arabica Cau Dat

There are many ways to buy Arabica Cau Dat because Vietnamese Arabica Cau Dat is now worldwide available.

  • If buyers want to buy retail, they can buy at supermarkets, coffee agents, coffee roasteries, or buy online by searching Google or searching on e-commerce platforms.

Buying Arabica Cau Dat retail

  • If buyers want to buy coffee beans in bulk, agricultural trade fairs organized by the government are also a perfect choice. However, in the digital age, buying Arabica Cau Dat coffee in bulk online is completely possible, of which the website is one of many reputable Arabica Cau Dat wholesale suppliers.

Buying Arabica Cau Dat in bulk

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