A standard cinnamon powder factory and effective ways to find it

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Cinnamon powder is the product from a cinnamon powder factory, which is well known for its multi-benefits in the health care and beauty industries. However, many individuals and entrepreneurs know little about how a cinnamon powder factory works or ways to find a good one. That is why reading this article may help you with it.

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Cinnamon powder factory – the overview

Cinnamon powder factory – definition and distribution

  • Definition of a cinnamon powder factory

Cinnamon powder factory is basically where cinnamon bark is grinded to make fine powder which is called cinnamon powder.


Definition of a cinnamon powder factory

  • Distribution of cinnamon powder factory

Cinnamon powder factory is most popular in Asia, especially Asean countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc. It is because these regions can meet the strict surviving conditions of cinnamon trees, which many other countries can not. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the materials and the final produced cinnamon powder always be at their highest quality, the cinnamon powder factory needs to be built near the cinnamon cultivation areas. 

A cinnamon powder factory – the process and manufacture steps

Let’s see how workers in a cinnamon factory make cinnamon powder through the following process: 

  • Preparing materials
  • Peeling the outer cinnamon bark layer
  • Drying (humidity: <= 12%) 
  • Grinding
  • Packing
  • Storing
  • => Fine cinnamon powder
  • Final product: Fine cinnamon powder

Cinnamon powder factory – the product features 

Characteristics and compositions of cinnamon powder

  • Characteristics of cinnamon powder from a cinnamon powder factory
Cassia Ceylon
Color Common dark reddish brown Light brown
Scent Typical strong cinnamon scent Soft cinnamon scent
Flavor Spicy  Slightly sweet

Cassia cinnamon powder from cinnamon powder factory: Usually used as spices for main dishes or as medical herbs in oriental prescription.

Ceylon cinnamon powder from cinnamon powder factory: Usually used as spices for dishes in starters.

  •    Chemical compounds and their benefits of product from a cinnamon powder factory
Chemical compounds Benefits
Aldehyde cinnamic  acts as anti-inflammatory
Polyphenol  Protects the body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals

Promote metabolism 

Hydroxychalcone Improves glucose absorption
Antioxidants  Soften rough skin
  • Besides, cinnamon powder from cinnamon powder factory contains vitamin A, pyridoxine, niacin, axit pantothenic, and other beneficial minerals for body (calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, zinc) and fiber.

Other benefits

  • Used as a natural food preservative.
  • Improves heart-related prozblems.
  • Reduces insulin* resistance when needed dramatically.
  • Against the common human HIV-1 virus.
  • Prevents the risk of vaginal infections, infections, thrush, stomach ulcers or head lice. At the same time, prevent the attack of bacteria and viruses. (this is very important when COVID-19 – a dead disease is dramatically attack human health)

*Insulin is one of the hormones involved in metabolism and energy use in the body.

Uses of cinnamon powder from cinnamon powder factory

Cinnamon powder should be used in the amount of 1 to 6 grams per day (according to scientists). It depends on the purposes that the usage of cinnamon powder varies, however, other basic ingredients are needed to mix with cinnamon powder are honey, olive oil and water:

– Hold the mixture of cinnamon powder with honey in the mouth

– Cover the mixture of cinnamon powder with honey and olive oil on selection parts of body

– Drinking the mixture of cinnamon powder with honey and water

– Apply the cinnamon powder directly on the lips

  • Warnings from cinnamon powder factory

– Pregnants should not use too much

– People with diabetes should consult a doctor before using

– Should not use in large amount or too many times per day (or else causing acnes or epistaxis)

How cinnamon powder factory packs and store the product

  • Packaging

There are two popular choices of packages for cinnamon powder in a cinnamon powder factory

– PE bags

– PP bags

PP bags are highly-recommended packages for cinnamon powder in a cinnamon powder factory due to its good stretchability and high transparency level and soft enough to see the product inside clearly. 

  • Basic powder storage requirements in a cinnamon powder factory

– Products maximum humidity: 13.5 max

– Tight packaging

– Clean storage environment

How to find a good cinnamon powder factory

A prestigious cinnamon powder factory is sometimes not easy for people to find, especially people who are about to start a business or run a business for the very first time. The following information about where to find a cinnamon powder factory, how to choose a good one and ways to realize the scam cinnamon powder factory might help.


How to find a good cinnamon powder factory

A cinnamon powder factory and platforms to find it

Below is the list of platforms that you can easily use to find information of a company or a manufacturer, including a cinnamon powder factory. 

  • Government office 
  • Trade fairs (online and offline)
  • Intermediary companies 
  • Google
  • E-commerce exchanges
  • Yellow pages (online and offline)

Of all the mentioned platforms, Google might be the most popular yet the unreliable one people refer to when it comes to searching for anything they do not know. However, there are a great deal of individuals who do not know how or notice that they need to filter every information that they read on the Internet. The Internet consists of various sources of information that are both verified and unverified. So be careful and remember to check the information before believing in it.

Instead of Google, you now know that there are many other sources where you can find business information such as government offices, agriculture trade fairs or intermediary companies which also are the most reliable sources helping you find information on a large and prestigious cinnamon powder factory.

A good cinnamon powder factory and ways to check

After searching for some information on the mentioned platforms, you may want to know what things to focus on for the evaluation of a prestigious one of your needs. Here are several things you should pay attention to for the quick but reliable check:

  • The real website 
  • Valid business/Company information 
  • Nearby materials growing areas 
  • The high quality enough of cinnamon oil 
  • Valid import and export certificate of business registration 
  • Good portfolio 
  • Big partners 

A scam cinnamon powder factory and its signs

  • Fake website

A scam cinnamon powder factory might mimic a large and official one by mimicking the logo or the display of the official websites. Be aware of that.

  • Too many discounts

This is a common way a scam cinnamon powder factory uses to attract the customers to choose them. Discounts are not bad, and even very beneficial to customers. However, too much discounts may be a suspicious signs of a money scam.

  • Fake contact information

The phone number as well as the address can easily be faked by a scam cinnamon powder factory. An easily suggested way for you to check is to try to find this information on google.

  • Payment pushing

All that a scam cinnamon powder factory wants is money from you so the fact that payment from you is too frequently pushed by them even before the right time is a scam sign.

 A great freight forwarder and ways to find

  • Places to find

– The WCA

– The FITA 

  • A prestigious forwarder should have

– Good reputation

– Right experience in import and export customs

– Explicit pricing structure (not include extra fees that you do not notice)

– Cargo insurance

Overview of cinnamon powder markets

  • Main manufacturers of cinnamon powder: Sri Lanka, South India, Madagascar, Vietnam, China, Indonesia.
  • Consuming and import markets of cinnamon powder: USA, Thailand, Mexico, UK, France, Korea, Malaysia, etc
  • Cinnamon powder import standards: Countries requiring high quality products are USA, EU, UK, Korea while ones requiring fewer standards are African countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

Top 3 cinnamon powder factory

K- AGRICULTURE cinnamon powder factory 

K-agriculture is the most Vietnamese reputable cinnamon powder factory with years of experience in manufacturing high quality cinnamon powder as well as exporting the best Vietnamese cinnamon related products to various consuming and import markets, including US, UK, Europe, African countries, India, etc. 


K-Agriculture is the best cinnamon powder factory in Vietnam

Here are some basic information of this prestigious Vietnamese cinnamon powder factory:

  • Place of origin: Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Year of establishment: 2012
  • Huge area of ​​cinnamon oil factory and warehouse
  • Staff: 307, employing experts and skilled workers
  • Certificate of the product: Organic

Contact information:

Phone:  +84855 555 837 (Whatsapp Available)



Shaanxi Haokang Bio-technology Co., Ltd

The Chinese company/manufacturer is famous for selling many sorts of natural plant extract powder for about 10 years. Below are things you should know about this large Chinese cinnamon powder factory:

  • Place of origin: China
  • Year of establishment: 2009
  • Staff:  strong technical team, invites well-known experts as technique and research consultants, and employs high-quality research and management staff
  • Certificate of the factory: FDA


The company is from Indonesia – one of the famous countries in growing, processing, manufacturing and exporting cinnamon products. The Indonesian cinnamon powder factory basic information you may want to know.

  • Place of origin: North Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Area of ​​factory: spread over an area of 20,000sqm with a total covered area of 8,000sqm, fiber chamber for drying is 2,500sqm and an office building of 525 sqm.
  • Staff: Experienced team.
  • Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, GMP 
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